2021-2022 Magic Grants Announced

December 10, 2020
Sylvia Lavin's project "Architecture Arboretum: Archival Exposé" will invent new ways of documenting the architectural arboretum. Image: Original manuscript from The Coolidge Collection of Thomas Jefferson Manuscripts, Massachusetts Historical Society.

Racism on Broadway, humanities and data science, and the design of trees are topics being investigated by projects that have received funding from the Council’s David A. Gardner ’69 Magic Grant in 2021-2022. Magic Grants support new, first-time endeavors that change the way the humanities are conceived and taught. This first round of Magic projects was proposed by faculty collaborating across disciplines.

In addition to the Magic grants, an Exploratory Grant in Collaborative Humanities was awarded to Sarah Rivett (English) for a new working group in 2021-2022 that will expand Native American and Indigenous research at Princeton.

The Magic grant also supports a second series of Rapid Response initiatives for Spring 2021, supporting new or reinvented courses that are pivoting in response to the pandemic.

Read more about these new Magic, Exploratory, and Rapid Response grants.

The deadline for the second round Magic grant proposals is February 26, 2021. Find out more about Magic and how to apply here.

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