Council Grant Establishes New Working Group for Native American and Indigenous Studies

December 9, 2020
Sarah Sense, Weaving Water, No. 30, 2013. Archival laser prints, bamboo paper, maps, artist tape, 12” x 17”. Shown courtesy of the artist as the featured image on the website and poster for the April 2019 conference “Indigenous/Settler" at Princeton.

By the Humanities Council

The Humanities Council is delighted to announce that an Exploratory Grant in Collaborative Humanities has been awarded to Sarah Rivett (English, American Studies) to create a working group for the Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative at Princeton (NAISIP) for the academic year 2021-2022. The working group—consisting of faculty, staff, and students from across disciplines and departments, including the Princeton University Art Museum and Library—will engage with Indigenous communities to reflect on conscious and ethical scholarship and teaching practices. There will be a series of lectures with Native scholars, artists, and activists as well as programming on Lenape/Lunaape language, Indigenous Pedagogy, decolonizing the archive, and storytelling and environmental change in Siberia and the American Artic.

The group aims to establish and actively grow its partnerships with Indigenous Communities and seeks to explore the best methods and practices to shape the future of Native American and Indigenous Studies at Princeton.

The working group builds on Rivett’s close collaboration with Natives at Princeton, the Princeton Indigenous Advocacy Coalition, and the Native American Alumni of Princeton. An inherently collaborative enterprise, NAISIP was inspired by undergraduate activism.

Previous initiatives include an international conference, Indigenous/Settler (April 2019), funded by a Humanities Council Magic Grant, and a recently launched website dedicated to Indigenous scholarship and research, created in partnership with the Program in American Studies.

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