HUM 216-219 Alumni Panel “Owning HUM”

September 1, 2020

On Wednesday, September 2nd at 10:00 AM (EST), students from the 2019-20 sequence class have invited a panel of alumni to talk about HUM 216-217 in a discussion entitled “Owning HUM”. The past students representing a diverse alumni body will describe the shared impact the course had on their personal and academic development.

The panel’s aim is to demystify the sequence and to ensure that each student, regardless of background, feels that the sequence will be a truly enriching and inclusive experience at Princeton. Speakers will explain how the course and texts have a leveling effect and how they can resonate with students today.

Incoming students will learn that there is no previous knowledge of classics required to make meaningful contributions in class. Each student can lay equal claim to the texts — regardless of culture, nationality, or gender identity — each students’ unique experiences and perspectives are invaluable to precepts. The HUM Community warmly welcomes every student and hopes this panel will give an opportunity to share any concerns about inclusivity in the course. 

The event is optional, and is open to all incoming members of the course. 

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