Program in Linguistics Offers Advanced ASL in Spring 2020

December 13, 2019
For the first time this Spring, students will be offered "Advanced American Sign Language."

Since its first credit-bearing course in academic year 2017-18, American Sign Language (ASL) at Princeton has gone from strength to strength, taught each semester by ASL speaker, performing artist, and translator Noah Buchholz (Lecturer in the Humanities Council and the Program in Linguistics). Buchholz teaches ASL I, ASL II, and ASL III, which are cross-listed with the Program in Translation and Intercultural Communication.

For the first time this Spring, Buchholz will teach a new course ASL IV, “Advanced American Sign Language” (LIN 214 / TRA 214), which offers intensive practice in ASL through learning specialized vocabulary, analyzing grammar, developing ASL-English translation skills, and discussing ASL literary works and Deaf culture.

Read about the course here.

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