2019-2020 Awards for Innovation, Collaboration, and Global Initiatives Announced

June 11, 2019
A multi-year collaborative humanities project will integrate research and teaching around the famous Buddhist monument of Borobudur near Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

The Humanities Council  supports Princeton University faculty who seek to develop a collaborative area of focus and generate new research and teaching in emerging fields, in Princeton and around the globe.

This year, the Council is delighted to announce awards to 49 faculty from 24 units across the Princeton campus.

A wide array of innovative and collaborative projects will be carried out next year as part of the David A. Gardner ’69 Magic Project,  which provides the sole or primary support for new initiatives. These funds support new projects in the humanities and enable curricular innovation and enrichment, including team-taught courses. They also can provide the initiating spark for emerging efforts in  collaborative humanities.

This year, the Council’s Global Initiatives grants will support several ambitious multi-year research and teaching collaborations as they develop new networks in South East Asia, Africa, Europe, China, Russia and Eastern Europe, and North and South America. In addition, several one-year Exploratory Grants in collaborative humanities will help faculty develop new multi-institutional collaborations across the United States, Russia, Japan, France, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. For the coming 2019-20 academic year, the Council continues its commitment to funding “breakthrough” courses and workshops that include experiential or field components.  These courses internationalize learning across the humanities curriculum and teach students collaborative research skills and best practices in the field. Read about these Breakthrough Seminars on our Global Initiatives page.

The Council’s Faber, Cone, and Stewart funds support literature, music, and religion, respectively. Events in 2019-20 will feature early American religion, new thinking on the icon, literary beginnings, new music for digital instruments, and the Global Netherlands.

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