Priests, Scholars Gather to Celebrate Princeton’s Ethiopian Manuscripts

March 19, 2019
Meseret Oldjira (left), a graduate student in art and archaeology; Michael Kleiner (center), a scholar and translator at the University of Göttingen; and Belcher look at some of the textual amulets on display. Photo: Mark Czajkowski

At the event “Remorseless Cannibals and Loving Scribes: Samples and Highlights from Princeton University’s Collections of Ethiopian Manuscripts (1500s-1900s),” Wendy Laura Belcher (Comparative Literature; African American Studies) and Michael Kleiner Visiting Stewart Fellow in the Department of Comparative Literature under the auspices of the Humanities Council, were joined by Ethiopian scholars and priests to share their knowledge of Ethiopia’s ancient tradition of written literature and bound manuscripts.

Read the full story on the University homepage.


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