Class Snapshot: Arts of the Medieval Book

December 21, 2018
Pages of “Romance of the Rose." Photo: Denise Applewhite

This fall, six Princeton undergraduate students in the course ART 311 / MED 311 / HUM 311: Arts of the Medieval Book are exploring the technology and function of books through a historical perspective.

Working firsthand with Princeton’s collections of centuries-old illuminated manuscripts and facsimile editions of some of the most visually splendid manuscripts made between the sixth and 16th centuries, the students consider the choices artists made as they married text and image. At the end of the course, the class engages with contemporary artists’ books to explore how book forms have evolved.

The course is taught by Beatrice Kitzinger, Assistant Professor of Art and Archaeology, specializes in Western medieval art. She primarily studies manuscripts from the late eighth to early 10th centuries made in the Carolingian world.

Read the full story on the University homepage.

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