2017-18 Haarlow Prize Awarded for Explorations of Epic Poetry

September 13, 2018

The Haarlow Prize is awarded annually to the recognize exceptional papers submitted to a 200-Level Humanities Studies course. This year’s winners are Alec Israeli ’21 and Sofia Pauca ’21.

Israeli wrote a paper titled “Metaphor as Reversal and Affirmation of the Colonizer/Colonized Divide in Derek Walcott’s Omeros” which was submitted to HUM 218-219. He is a regular contributor to The Princeton Progressive, a recently revived student published print magazine which provides a platform for progressive students at Princeton.

Pauca conducted a close reading of Book IV of John Milton’s Paradise Lost in a paper titled “Eve Before Adam,” which describes the creation of Eve.

On receiving the honor, neuroscience concentrator Pauca expressed how taking the Humanities Sequence has informed her passion to study the brain, driven by personal experience with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome with which her younger brother is diagnosed.

At the 2018 Scientific Symposium and Family Conference, Pauca delivered a speech about how she perceives the humanities and the sciences working in complement to discover the same truth. Watch it here.

The Haarlow prizes are awarded by the Humanistic Studies program in memory of the late A. William Haarlow III ’63, who cared deeply about Humanistic Studies. His generosity and that of his family have helped make the program flourish.

Israel and Pauca also serve as Humanities Mentors.

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