1968/2018: Cities on the Edge

March 15, 2018

The Princeton Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities and the Humanities Council are pleased to announce a series of events related to the 50th anniversaries of the tumultuous events of 1968.

Looking back at the the ferment in cities during 1968, the series reflects on the events and consequences of that year, with many confronting the urban situation of 2018 in light of fifty years ago.

Fall 2018

September 21Cold War Civil Rights: A Conversation about the Circulation of Protest Photos

October 2: Revolt of the Suburbs in the 1968 & 2018 Elections

October 8Algiers 1958 / Paris 1968

October 12Picturing 1960s Youth Protest: Dreamers, Delinquents, Students, Soldiers

October 15After ’68 in Japan: Urban/Media/Critique

November 6Investing in Insurrection: The Arts & Education Infrastructure of West Berlin’s Red Decade

December 5Cities in Turmoil: The 1960s in India/Indonesia

Spring 2018

February 14: 1968/2018 Film Series – In the Intense Now (2017)

March 26Whose City? Histories of Urban Governance and Democratic Participation

April 5Lamento Borincano: The Puerto Rican Sites of the Catastrophic in 1968 and 2018 

April 9The Trenton Project Remembers April 9, 1968 (at Artworks, Trenton, NJ)

April 17: Feminist Struggles in Latin America: Past/Present

April 18: 1968/2018 Film Series – Between the Word and the Deed . . . (1971)

April 24: 1968/2018 Film Series – Uptight (1969)

April 27: Race and Housing 50 Years Later: The Legacy of the 1968 Fair Housing Act

May 8: 1968/2018 Film Series – Medium Cool (1969)

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