Adele Goldberg Awarded Fillmore Professorship at the Linguistic Institute

March 2, 2018

Professor of Psychology, Adele Goldberg will be teaching as a Fillmore Professor at the 2019 Linguistics Institute. The 4-6 week long Linguistic Institutes are sponsored by the Linguistics Society of America (LSA). They are organized every two years and bring together hundreds of graduate students, postdocs, visiting scholars, and faculty from all over the world.

Goldberg’s course, which will be taught in summer 2019, will emphasize the commonalities among words, idioms and more abstract syntactic patterns in that all are pairings of form and function. This emphasis helps draw many parallels between language and other cognitive processes such as categorization, parallels that in turn raise the issue of whether language may emerge from a combination of general cognitive abilities, without requiring a unique language faculty. The course will explore questions such as “How do children generalize beyond what they hear in order to learn their rich and complex knowledge of language?” and “How can we explain the fact that there exist generalizations that hold across languages?”

Adele Goldberg first joined the LSA in 1988 and was elected as a LSA Fellow in 2014.

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