History professor emeritus Malkiel’s new book examines struggle for coeducation

December 5, 2016
Nancy Weiss Malkiel
Nancy Weiss Malkiel is the author of "'Keep the Damned Women Out': The Struggle for Coeducation"

Nancy Weiss Malkiel, professor of history, emeritus, has written a new book about the origins of coeducation at Princeton and other top colleges and universities in the United States and United Kingdom. ‘Keep the Damned Women Out’: The Struggle for Coeducation is a historical account of how the struggle for coeducation developed, the leadership and processes that followed, and the effects of that social change on institutions of higher education. The book is also about how men and women relate to one another and how educational opportunities opened to a segment of the population that didn’t have access before.

Read the full story and watch the video on the University home page.

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