Welcome Class of 2021!

September 7, 2016

 Are you passionate about the humanities but undecided about where to concentrate your studies? Are you interested in the spaces between disciplines, where the creative arts meet with humanistic scholarship and scientific inquiry?

We invite you to attend our Humanistic Studies Freshman Open House on Monday, September 11, from 12:30-1:15 on the sunporch of Joseph Henry House. You are invited to meet faculty and students over light refreshments, and to explore the offerings of Princeton’s many interdisciplinary certificate programs, which offer team-taught seminars and cross-disciplinary communities. The broadly interdisciplinary certificate program in Humanistic Studies encourages students to explore the frontiers of their home discipline and build bridges beyond the humanities–to computer science, medicine, politics and public policy, and the creative arts.

Inaugurated in 2013-14 under the auspices of the Humanities Council, the new Humanistic Studies certificate is designed for students from all divisions–natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, and the humanities–who want to forge meaningful connections with another field.  Students are invited to create their own bridges across disciplines, illuminating one field with approaches, questions and insights of another. While concentrating in a home department, they will design a curriculum that links one or more fields which can enrich their work. In this pursuit, they will join a lively community of faculty and students, who meet regularly for discussion, lectures, colloquia, meals and cultural activities. The word “interdisciplinary” is often used; this program will provide explicit practice in bridging fields. Click here to learn more about the certificate.

The Council is also the academic home to the Ferris Seminars in Journalism, where you can learn from highly distinguished journalists how to articulate complex ideas for a general audience.  The Council also supports interdisciplinary certificate programs in American StudiesEuropean Cultural StudiesLinguistics, and Medieval Studies.   

Here is a list of explicitly interdisciplinary programs in the humanities at Princeton that offer undergraduate courses; many offer certificate programs as well.

African Studies
American Studies
East Asian Studies
European Cultural Studies
Film Studies
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Hellenic Studies
Humanistic Studies
Italian Studies
Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies
Irish Studies
Judaic Studies
Latin American Studies
Latino Studies
Medieval Studies
Near Eastern Studies
Princeton-Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism and the Humanities
Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
Russian and Eastern European Studies
South Asian Studies
Translation and Intercultural Communication
Values and Public Life

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