University Task Force on the Future of the Humanities: Report Posted

January 7, 2016

The report of the University’s Task Force on the Future of the Humanities has been publicly posted on the Strategic Planning website, with recommendations for new initiatives in research, teaching, and cross-campus collaboration.

The report recommends the creation of a new Princeton Humanities Institute to be the center for interdisciplinary work not only within the Humanities but also across the university’s divisional boundaries. It also recommends an enhanced role for the Art Museum as part of the campus’ intellectual and educational mission.

Responding to a more diverse campus and a globalizing and increasingly interdisciplinary world, the recommendations call for a broadening of genres (e.g., film and media studies) as well as of geography and culture (e.g., additional courses in global comparative humanities and increased international projects and activities), along with academic structures to encourage and recognize student work in multiple disciplines.

Comments on the report may be shared by writing to Assistant Vice President Hilary Parker or by using the comment box provided on the strategic planning website.

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