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Monday, November 3

Daniella Gatlin '06 independent translator "High-Stakes Writing in Translation: Rodolfo Walsh and Operation Massacre" 216 Aaron Burr 12:00pm
Eric Avila UCLA "Race, Space and American Culture After World War II" The Princeton Mellon Forum for Research on the Urban Environment Presidential Dining Room, Prospect House 12:00pm
Nadia Abu El-Haj Barnard College, Columbia U "History as Tragedy: Ethics, Politics and Responsibility in Late Liberalism" 202 Jones 12:00pm
Steffi Lewis Municipal Capital Management The Lewis-Skyrms Correspondence 201 Marx Hall 12:00pm
Brian Skyrms UC Irvine EMERGENCE OF MEANINGFUL SIGNALS Bowl 1, Robertson Hall WWS 4:30pm

Tuesday, November 4


Council Chair to Lead Task Force on the Future of the Humanities
As part of the University's strategic planning process, a newly formed Task Force on the Future of the Humanities has been charged with gathering data and formulating recommendations about academic initiatives and cross-campus collaborations in the humanities.
October 15 Deadline for Magic Grants, $5,000-$50,000
The Council of the Humanities invites faculty and departmental proposals for projects that break new ground intellectually or pedagogically, including team-taught interdisciplinary courses. Deadlines are October 15 and March 2.
Grants of $7500 for Faculty to Team Teach in Humanistic Studies
The Program in Humanistic Studies offers summer grants of $7500 for faculty members who team teach interdisciplinary courses, including the capstone seminar (HUM 470); "East Asian Humanities"; and "Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture." Interested colleagues are encouraged to contact Kathleen Crown ( for more information.
Dean of Research Announces Innovation Fund in the Humanities
The Dean of Research invites faculty to propose projects that will result "in the advancement of a discipline" or "a major piece of scholarly work." Deadline is November 21. For more information, contact Karla Ewalt, Associate Dean:
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