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Tuesday, February 16

4:30pm Medieval Studies Joëlle Rollo-Koster U Rhode Island eligo...,volo...,mando...,lego...: Medieval Provençales Testaments/Wills as 'Ego-Documents' 106 McCormick

Wednesday, February 17

4:30pm Italian Studies Eugenio Refini Johns Hopkins Enchanting Songs: The Voice of the Siren in Early Modern Opera 106 McCormick

Thursday, March 3

4:30pm Medieval Studies Laurence de Looze U Western Ontario Frustrating Autobiography: Narrative Identity and the Construction of Self in the Fourteenth Century 010 East Pyne
4:30pm Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities Paul Chan artist Odysseus as Artist Betts Auditorium

Monday, March 7

5:30pm Italian Studies Alessandro Giammei Society of Fellows, Princeton Christ, Chemistry, Curdled Cheese, and the Caravaggians 010 East Pyne

Wednesday, March 9

4:30pm Program in the Ancient World Jonathan Prag Oxford Ancient World 010 East Pyne
4:30pm Digital Humanities Andrew Piper Whitney J. Oates Fellow in the Council of the Humanities Computation and the Novel 106 McCormick
Ferris Journalism Seminars Spring 2016
Princeton’s Council of the Humanities, founded in 1953, is a crossroads for conversation, reflection, and collaborative research on the vast array of human experience. The Council fosters interdisciplinary work, offering grants for conferences, faculty seminars, and innovative, team-taught courses, as well as for scholarship that brings the humanities into dialogue with the arts, social sciences, sciences and technology. Each year we sponsor visits from eminent artists and writers, scholars and journalists. The Council is home to vibrant Humanistic Studies programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, to the Ferris McGraw Seminars in Journalism, and to more than a dozen interdisciplinary programs.
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