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Two Humanities Scholars among Rhodes Scholarship Recipients
Katherine Clifton, Class of 2015, concentrated in English and completed a certificate in theater. She was a student in Ferris Professor Joe Stephens’s 2012 Journalism seminar and participated in the Digital Media Bootcamp. Cameron Platt '16 is concentrating in English and pursuing certificates in Medieval Studies and theater. Congratulations to all the recipients.
Princeton celebrates Humanities
Article by humanities writer Jamie Saxon on the Council's celebration of the NEH's 50th anniversary, and the historic role of Princeton University in the development of humanities funding--now on the University homepage. Chairman William D. Adams stressed that a ‘narrowing’ of the idea of education leads to the diminishment of civic life. Democracy demands wisdom. Humanities support the fundamental requirements of citizenship: dialogue, reflection, critical and creative thinking.  A humanities education is not a luxury in today’s world, it’s a necessity. #humanitiesmatter
Ferris Professor Jennifer M. Kahn's science feature in The New York Times Magazine
Ferris journalism professor Jennifer M. Kahn's article on Crispr, a gene editing tool is featured in the November 15, 2015 issue of The New York Times Magazine. Crispr is a radical new gene-editing tool poised to transform everything from agriculture to mental health research. It also carries far-reaching ethical implications. Jennifer is visiting Princeton this semester to teach magazine writing.
Ferris McGraw Journalism courses see highest enrollment this semester, according to The Daily Princetonian
The Council of the Humanities' administered Ferris McGraw Journalism seminars were featured on the front page of The Daily Princetonian on 9/24/2015. Journalism courses saw their highest enrollments in Fall 2015, due to a change to open enrollment for all the fall seminars.
Humanities Sequence in the News
“The future for humanities at Princeton is bright.” In a front page article on October 5, 2015, The Daily Princetonian quotes Inaugural Behrman Professor in the Humanities Esther Schor, and notes increased enrollment in the Humanities Sequence this year. The Humanities Sequence is an intensive year-long double course. The Council recently established a peer advising program and a series of Sunday Symposia for the course.
Princeton’s Council of the Humanities, founded in 1953, is a crossroads for conversation, reflection, and collaborative research on the vast array of human experience. The Council fosters interdisciplinary work, offering grants for conferences, faculty seminars, and innovative, team-taught courses, as well as for scholarship that brings the humanities into dialogue with the arts, social sciences, sciences and technology. Each year we sponsor visits from eminent artists and writers, scholars and journalists. The Council is home to vibrant Humanistic Studies programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, to the Ferris McGraw Seminars in Journalism, and to more than a dozen interdisciplinary programs.


Tuesday, December 1

4:30pm Medieval Studies Eric Ramirez-Weaver UVA Terzysko's Signs of Celestial Power: Triangulating Identity in the Astronomical Anthology for Wenceslas IV 106 McCormick
4:30pm Hellenic Studies Carlotta Santini Visiting Fellow Should the Classics still be a Model of Education? Friedrich Nietzsche on the Use and Abuse of Classical Studies 103 Scheide Caldwell

Wednesday, December 2

4:30pm Linguistics Ian Roberts Cambridge A Parameter Hierarchy for Passives 16 Joseph Henry House

Monday, December 7

12:00pm American Studies Robyn Muncy Maryland The Working Class in U.S. Political Culture, 1932-1984 102 Jones

Wednesday, December 9

4:30pm Ancient World R.R.R. Smith Oxford Aphrodisias in Caria: Recent Work, New Finds 010 East Pyne

Thursday, December 10

4:30pm Renaissance and Early Modern Studies Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto U Penn Georgic Holiness And Gardens Of Damnation In The Territory Of The Serenissima: From 16th-century Agricultural Treatises To Palladio's Villa Grounds 127 East Pyne

Saturday, December 12

9:30am Classics Conference Hypatia of Alexandria: Her Context and Her Legacy TBD
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