Emmanuel Kreike

Professor of History; Acting Director, African Studies


(609) 258–4155


138 Dickinson Hall



Emmanuel Kreike, holds a Ph.D. in African history from Yale University (1996) and a Dr. of Science (PhD) in Tropical Forestry from the School of Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University (2006), the Netherlands. His research and teaching interests focus on the intersection of war/violence, population displacement, environment, and society. His publications include Re-Creating Eden: Land Use, Environment, and Society in Southern Angola and Northern Namibia (Heinemann, 2004), Deforestation and Reforestation in Namibia: The Global Consequences of Local Contradictions (Brill and Markus Wiener, 2010), and Environmental Infrastructure in African History: Examining the Myth of Natural Resources Management in Namibia (Cambridge, 2013). With William Chester Jordan he edited Corrupt Histories (University of Rochester Press, 2004).


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