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Joseph Henry House, Princeton University

Eberhard L. Faber 1915 Memorial Lectures in Literature

The gift of Eberhard L. Faber IV is intended to support department chairs and program directors seeking to host lectures, colloquia, workshops and discussions in the field of literature. We define “literature” broadly to include such topics as criticism, history, theory, and the relation of literature to society, technology, and the other arts. The Humanities Council especially welcomes proposals for innovative formats and events that might not readily be accommodated as regular departmental lectures.

The total contribution for an individual event may amount to $3,500, although not all events will require the full amount. An invitation to an early-career scholar or a nearby guest would normally entail fewer expenses. The Faber fund is usually the primary source of support, although departments may occasionally supplement Faber grants with their own funds. Events funded by the Faber endowment are considered “Faber Lectures” publicized as “Eberhard L. Faber 1915 Memorial Fund in the Humanities Council” and will be listed as part of the Faber series on the Council’s website. Here are the expenses to be covered:

  1. Economy fare transportation from home campus (or the last campus visited) to Princeton
  2. Honoraria (typically $500 for early career scholars; $1,000/$1,500 for senior visitors)
  3. Meals and lodging
  4. Posters and advertisements

Proposals are invited from department chairs and from directors of Council-sponsored and Council-affiliated interdisciplinary programs.

How to Apply

Requests for Faber lectures should be submitted before formal invitations are extended. It is particularly important to check possible dates against the year-long Humanities Council Calendar of Events. The Council does not typically fund proposals that conflict with other related events. To propose a Faber Lecture, email Susan Coburn, office specialist in the Humanities Council.


Before extending a formal invitation, and at least four weeks before the anticipated date. Forms are accepted year-round.

Long-Term Visiting Fellows


Each year distinguished writers, artists and scholars spend a semester visiting at Princeton, teaching one course. Nominations are invited from chairs of humanities departments and may be made jointly with interdisciplinary programs and committees under the Council’s umbrella.

The Belknap Visiting Fellowships bring distinguished practitioners to teach for a semester; the Humanities Council encourages proposals for these visitors to co-teach with a faculty member in a humanities department.


Nominations for visiting Long-Term Fellows are invited from chairs of humanities departments and may be made jointly with Council programs and committees. Departments and programs seeking information about nomination procedures should contact Kathleen Crown, executive director.

How to apply

The deadline for 2020-21 nominations is October 10, 2019.

Read more about Long-Term Visiting Fellows 2018-19.

Short-Term Visiting Fellows


During intensive three- to five-day visits, these Fellows lecture and participate in classes, colloquia and informal discussions. Nominations are invited for distinguished scholars in the humanities.  Belknap Visiting Fellowships are sometimes available for artists, writers, and practitioners. Scholars of world religion may be nominated for Stewart Fellowships. 



Nominations are invited from chairs of humanities departments and may be made jointly with programs and committees. Online nomination forms.

How to apply

The deadline for nominating 2020-21 Short-Term Visiting Fellows is October 9, 2019 (round one). The deadline for second round nominations is April 1, 2020.

Read more about Short-Term Visiting Fellows 2018-19.



Belknap Visitors in the Humanities Council


The public lecture program of Belknap Visitors was created to recognize highly distinguished individuals in the arts and letters. Belknap Visitors spend an intensive day on campus. Read more about the Belknap program and recent visitors.


Any members of the Princeton community may nominate a visitor.

How to apply

To nominate a Belknap Visitor, please send a one-page nomination to Kathleen Crown, Executive Director.


Belknap visits require significant advance planning. Nominations are usually made a year or more in advance of a potential visit.

Belknap “Global Conversations” Series


The Council is pleased to announce a new Belknap Visitor program that will bring distinguished writers, artists, and scholars to campus for events that bridge “arts and ideas” in a global context. The program aims to provoke dialogue on a theme of broad interest in the realm of arts and letters that will cut across disciplinary boundaries and world regions.

We invite proposals for visitors whose work has global reach and will engage a cross-disciplinary audience from approaches that are both creative (e.g., a reading, performance, or master class) and critical (e.g., a conversation, lecture, or visit to a graduate seminar). The Belknap endowment can contribute from $2500 to $10,000, and the guest will be named a “Belknap Visitor in the Humanities Council.”

This program is intended to encourage new cross-departmental collaborations and to serve as primary financial support for a multi-department project based in the Humanities Council. Requests for co-sponsorship of departmental or program events should be submitted through the conference and project co-sponsorship portal.

Read more about the Belknap Global Conversations program.


Nominations are invited from faculty in any department and programs. There are two avenues for making a proposal:

  1.  Two or more faculty members (or departments) representing different disciplinary approaches may submit a one-page proposal and preliminary budget. Visits might be comprised of two separate events (e.g., pairing a “master class” with a visit to graduate seminar; a performance with a “conversation”), or they might consist of one event that includes creative/critical approaches and diverse audiences.
  2.  Individual faculty members or departments may suggest a visitor who would fit this program.  The Council may co-host the visit or will work to identify possible partners in relevant departments or units.
How to apply

Proposals should be sent to Kathleen Crown, Executive Director. Faculty with questions are welcome to call 8-4719 or email.


Proposals should be sent well in advance of the proposed visit, ideally as part of planning for the year ahead, and no less than six weeks before the anticipated date.

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