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Selected date: April 18, 2019
Thu, 4/18 · 4:30 pm6:00 pm · 202 Jones

Cultural and Gendered Sources of Soldier Motivation and Moral in the Ottoman First World War

Yücel Yanikdag, University of Richmond

Program in Near Eastern Studies

Thu, 4/18 · 8:00 pm · Richardson Auditorium

CANCELLED: Race, Gender, and the Law

Anita Hill, Brandeis University

Princeton University Public Lectures; Stafford Little Lecture Series; Princeton University Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Fri, 4/19 · 8:00 amSat, 4/20 · 5:00 pm · A71 Simpson International Building

Matters of State: Bureaucracy, Procedure, and Power in South Asia

Program in South Asian Studies

Sat, 4/20 · 205 East Pyne

Anger: A Concept of the Moment

Department of German; PhD-Net Wissen der Literatur

Mon, 4/22 · 12:00 pm1:15 pm · School of Architecture, South Gallery

Mellon Forum: Migration Detention, Incarceration, and the Spatial Imagination

Sarah Lopez, University of Texas at Austin; Meredith TenHoor, Princeton Mellon Fellow

Princeton Mellon Initiative, Humanities Council

Mon, 4/22 · 12:00 pm1:30 pm · 202 Jones

Algeria: The Struggle for Independence

Eliane Mokhtefi, Journalist and Translator

Program Near Eastern Studies

Mon, 4/22 · 4:30 pm · 205 East Pyne

The Form of the Sonnet: Petrarch, Schlegel, Pastior

Jörg Kreienbrock, Northwestern University

Department of German

Mon, 4/22 · 4:30 pm6:00 pm · 010 East Pyne

The Curious Case of Coronado’s Shields: Towards a Pueblo Iconology on the Eve of Spanish Colonialism

Severin Fowles, Barnard College

Program in the Ancient World, Department of Anthropology

Tue, 4/23 · 12:30 pm1:50 pm · 219 Aaron Burr

A Sensory Reading of Generational Memory in Iran

Orkideh Behrouzan, SOAS University of London

Sharmin and Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Iran and Persin Gulf Studies

Tue, 4/23 · 12:30 pm1:30 pm · 203 Scheide Caldwell

Young Russia: The National Image in its Colorful Life

Katherine Hill-Reischl, Slavic Languages and Literatures

Program in European Cultural Studies

Tue, 4/23 · 4:30 pm6:00 pm · 010 East Pyne

The World as It Is

Ben Rhodes, Author of "The World as It Is: A Memoir of the Obama White House"

Program in Near Eastern Studies

Tue, 4/23 · 4:30 pm6:00 pm · B14 McCosh

Avicenna and the Aristotelian Left

Loren Goldman, University of Pennsylvania

English Department Theory Colloquium

Tue, 4/23 · 5:00 pm7:00 pm · N107 School of Architecture

M+M: Program in Media and Modernity Doctoral Colloquium

Victoria Bugge Øye, Architecture; Lluís Alexandre Casanovas Blanco, Architecture; Miguel Domínguez, Spanish and Portuguese

Program in Media and Modernity

Tue, 4/23 · 6:00 pm7:30 pm · Labyrinth Books

Troublemakers: A Philosophy of Puer Robustus

Dieter Thomä, Institute for Advanced Study; Jan-Werner Mueller, Politics

Labyrinth Books

Tue, 4/23 · 6:00 pm · 50 McCosh

“On the Front Line” Screening to Benefit Gorongosa National Park

Society of Fellows, Brazil Lab, Pace Center, Princeton Environmental Institute

Tue, 4/23 · 7:00 pm8:30 pm · Princeton Public Library

Screening and Discussion: The Chinese Exclusion Act

Beth Lew-Williams, History

Princeton Public Library

Wed, 4/24 · 12:00 pm1:30 pm · 16 Joseph Henry House

The Dash — The Other Side of Absolute Knowing

Rebecca Comay, University of Toronto

Program in European Cultural Studies

Wed, 4/24 · 12:00 pm1:15 pm · School of Architecture, South Gallery

Mellon Forum: Underground Jerusalem: On the Relentless Modernization of the Jewish Past

Alona Nitzan-Shiftan, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology; M. Christine Boyer, School of Architecture

Princeton Mellon Initiative, Humanities Council

Wed, 4/24 · 4:30 pm6:30 pm · 106 McCormick

An Evening with Pascal Rambert

Pascal Rambert, Playwright, Director, Choreographer

Department of French and Italian

Wed, 4/24 · 4:30 pm6:00 pm · 103 Chancellor Green

The Genres of Slavery

Yogita Goyal, University of California, Los Angeles

Department of English

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