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Palimpsest Studies and the Library of Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Egypt

Mon, 12/12Fri, 12/16 · Princeton University

Manuscript, Rare Book and Archive Studies (MARBAS)

The focus of the workshop will be the palimpsests of St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai. The course will introduce faculty and students working in other areas to technological advances that have made the recovery and reading of palimpsests possible in new and exciting ways.

The workshop will be of interest and benefit to people working on Greek, Latin, Syriac, or Arabic manuscripts, or studying the Middle East. We will have ten speakers over the course of 5 days, each of whom is a leading expert in the field. Each speaker will give a 1.5-hour presentation and then spend 1.5 hours doing hands-on work with students. We will also hope to look at manuscripts in the Princeton collection, including several manuscripts from St. Catherine’s (such as a Georgian-Christian Palestinian Aramaic palimpsest). There will be an opening keynote lecture by Helen Evans (Metropolitan Museum of Art) and a closing keynote lecture by Father Justin (St. Catherine’s Monastery.)

Visit the MARBAS website for the latest information.

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