Short-Term Visiting Fellows 2016-17

During intensive three-to-five-day periods, these Fellows lecture and participate in classes, colloquia and informal discussions. The Program was created with a gift from Frank E. Taplin, Jr.'37 in honor of Whitney J. Oates, the distinguished classicist and founder of the Humanities Council. The Short-Term Fellows Program also hosts Virginia and Richard Stewart Fellows in Religion and Edward T. Cone '39*42 Fellows, named in memory of the eminent composer, musicologist, professor and benefactor of the arts and humanities.

Click here for an overview of Fellows Programs in the Council, and nomination forms and procedures.

Geoffrey Khan will be Whitney J. Oates Fellow in the Council of the Humanities and the Department of Near Eastern Studies in April 2017. He is the Regius Professor of Hebrew in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge. Professor Khan’s research interests include all periods of the Hebrew language, Aramaic and its modern spoken dialects, and of premodern Arabic legal and administrative documents.


Miriam Leonard will be Whitney J. Oates Fellow in the Council of the Humanities, the Department of Classics and the Program of European Cultural Studies in February 2017. She is Professor of Greek Literature and its Reception at University College London. Her research explores the intellectual history of classics in modern European thought from the eighteenth century to the present.


Robert Orsi will be Stewart Fellow in Religion in the Council of the Humanities and Department of Religion in Spring 2017. Robert Orsi is Professor of Religious Studies and History and Grace Craddock Nagle Chair in Catholic Studies at Northwestern University. He studies American religious history and contemporary practice; American Catholicism in both historical and ethnographic perspectives; and he is widely recognized also for his work on theory and method in the study of religion.



Nominations are invited from chairs of humanities departments and may be made jointly with programs and committees.

The deadline for 2017-18 Short-Term Fellows nominations is October 7, 2016 (round one) and  March 6, 2017 (round two). Nomination Form

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