Short-Term Visiting Fellows 2015-16

During intensive three-to-five-day periods, these Fellows lecture and participate in classes, colloquia and informal discussions. The Program was created with a gift from Frank E. Taplin, Jr.'37 in honor of Whitney J. Oates, the distinguished classicist and founder of the Humanities Council. The Short-Term Fellows Program also hosts Virginia and Richard Stewart Fellows in Religion and Edward T. Cone '39*42 Fellows, named in memory of the eminent composer, musicologist, professor and benefactor of the arts and humanities.

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Jan Assmann is a German Egyptologist widely known for his work on the origins of monotheism. Formerly professor of Egyptology at the University of Heidelberg, he is now honorary professor of cultural studies at the University of Constance. He will be an Oates Fellow in Comparative Literature in the fall. His public lecture will be October 14.

Margaret Cohen teaches in the Department of Comparative Literature at Stanford University, where she holds the Andrew B. Hammond Chair of French Language, Literature, and Civilization. Her current research investigates the impact of innovations in science and technology on literary and visual fantasies of the depths, since the opening of the underwater environment as a frontier of modernity in the middle of the nineteenth century. She will be an Oates Fellow in the Department of French and Italian in March. Professor Cohen's lecture entitled Environmental Poetics: The Case Of Underwater Suspense will be March 22.
Lourenzo Fernandez Prieto is Professor of Modern History at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. His fields of interest include Agrarian History, particularly agricultural technology, the Spanish Civil War and Francoist dictatorship. He will visit the Department of Spanish and Portuguese as an Oates Fellow in the fall.

Robert Fowler is Henry Overton Wills Professor of Greek at the University of Bristol. His research interests lie in the area of early Greek language and literature. He has recently completed a ground-breaking edition with commentary of the fragments of the earliest Greek compilers of myths, as well as writing articles on Herodotus and his intellectual milieu. He will visit the Department of Classics and the Program in the Ancient World as an Oates Fellow in April. Professor Fowler's public lecture will be April 13.
Stefan Heidemann is a Professor of Islamic Studies at Hamburg University.  He brings together the disciplines of history, archaeology, and numismatics to illuminate changing patterns of settlement in the Middle East between Late Antiquity and modern times.  Professor Heidemann will visit the Department of Near Eastern Studies as an Oates Fellow in March. Professor Heidemann's public lectcure and graduate seminar will be March 22-24.
Adam Michnik is editor-in-chief of Poland’s largest national newspaper, Gazeta Wyborcza. He is an influential politician and political thinker, and the author of many books and articles that are standard reading in courses taught in the US on East Central Europe, human rights, and problems of regime-transitions. He will visit the Department of Slavic Languages and Literature as an Oates Fellow.

Andrew Piper is Associate Professor and William Dawson Scholar of German and European Literature at McGill University. His work focuses on the intersection of literature and technologies of reading from the eighteenth century to the present and follows three main lines of inquiry: the history of networks and literary topologies, practices of textual circulation and transtextuality, and literary quantity. He will visit the Center for Digital Humanities and Department of German as an Oates Fellow this academic year. Professor Piper's lecture entitled Computation and the Novel will be March 9 and a workshop on the 10th.


Nominations are invited from chairs of humanities departments and may be made jointly with programs and committees.

The deadline for 2016-17 Short-Term Fellows nominations is March 6, 2017.  On-line nomination forms will be available at the start of October.

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