Old Dominion Professorships for Princeton Faculty Members

This program is designed to provide additional research time for faculty members and to enhance the humanities community more broadly by providing a core group of senior faculty with time and resources to engage colleagues and students from across the university in sustained discussions of their work.

The Professorship
Old Dominion Professors are appointed for a term of one year, one semester of which would otherwise have been devoted to a regular sabbatical leave. The Professorship extends that leave to one full year. Old Dominion Professors are expected to be in residence for the year and to engage in the intellectual life of the Council and the university. To foster a community of scholars, Old Dominion Professors are provided with offices in a congenial setting outside their home departments. They participate in Humanities Council activities, typically as Faculty Fellows in the Society of Fellows.

Eligibility and application
Tenured faculty members in the humanities and humanistic social sciences are invited to apply by submitting a curriculum vitae and project proposal (2-3 pages) along with a copy of the leave request they have submitted to the Dean of the Faculty. Proposals may involve new and exploratory work or on-going scholarly projects. Deadline is November 17.

The Executive Committee of the Humanities Council evaluates proposals and makes recommendations to the Chair of the Council and the Dean of the Faculty.

In making its recommendations, the Committee is mindful, not only of the intrinsic merits of the projects, but also of the potential convergence among proposals and the opportunities for intellectual exchange among Old Dominion Professors.

Questions may be addressed to Denis Feeney, Chair, or Kathleen Crown, Executive Director.

Old Dominion Professors for 2014-2015

David Bell History

David Bellos French and Italian, Comparative Literature

Wendy Heller Music

Michael Jennings German  


Roster of Previous Old Dominion Professors

Kofi Agawu, Music

April Alliston, Comparative Literature

John Cooper, Philosophy

Isabelle Clark-Decès, Anthropology

Andrew Feldherr, Classics

Diana Fuss, English

Daniel Garber, Philosophy

William Gleason, English

Molly Greene, History, Hellenic Studies

Gilbert Harman, Philosophy

Martha Himmelfarb, Religion

Claudia Johnson, English

Robert Kaster, Classics

Paul Lansky, Music

Susan Naquin, History, East Asian Studies

Alexander Nehamas, Philosophy, Comparative Literature

Elaine Pagels, Religion

Albert Raboteau, Religion

Eileen Reeves, Comparative Literature

Daniel T. Rodgers, History

Esther Schor, English

Susan Stewart, English

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